These shirts and tote bags were produced to fundraise for Ukraine.

Funds will go to Communal Non-Commercial Enterprise "Vil'nians'k Multidisciplinary Hospital", Maternity ward* and to tactic medics**.

Drawings were done by Zoia 6 y.o. and screen-printed by her mother, artist Anna Zvyagintseva from Kyiv, Ukraine. First edition was produced with the support Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

tote bag - 20 EUR
shirt - 30 EUR

You can order via email:

iban: NL39BUNQ2069050491

please mention the reason of transfer: donate to ukraine

*hospital was bombed by Russia on 23.11.2022. Newborn child was killed.
**thanks to the sellings that were done in 2022, we bought the monocular to the volunteer tactic medic from Lviv