Transplant a tree
action, 2020
Gonchara 17/23, illegal construction- Timiryazevskaya 1, A.V. Fomin Botanical Garden

This chestnut grew among the concrete of the scandalous construction on Gonchara 17/23, Kyiv
The struggle between activists and developers has been going on for 12 years.
The developer went bankrupt.
The judge was killed, officially for other circumstances, but…
Now a new developer is appeared, the number of storeys will be reduced.
Construction work will resume soon.

One of the many trees that have grown over the years on the construction site, I offered to shelter in the botanical garden. This gesture could be a monument to all the trees and plants that occupies areas in the city that people have left alone but dies when activity resumes.
The Botanical Garden refused. They do not take "trees from the streets"
I will keep this tree.