solo show
25.02 - 23.03 2015 Art-centre Closer, Kyiv

"The radio behind the wall"

Time is congealed, time stretched out, time is shuddered to a halt. An indeterminate something is gathering dust in your peripheral vision, on the edges and in the corners, and maybe you should clear up all this mess, but you can’t only not just clear it up, you can’t even turn your head to get a proper look at it, to get an idea of how much mess there is. And behind the wall, the newsreader’s exuberant voice conveys the news, both day-to-day stuff, and about the war.

The objects in my studio seem to have taken root once and for all. They’ve grown into one another. They’re no longer in working order, they’ve refused to serve the course of events. A paper snowflake stuck for years to the outside of the window is slowing things down, too. There’s so much time now. I’ve stopped, but things around me are unfolding with increasing speed. I’m at the window of my studio, while outside people are walking by. Should I envy their movement? It looks deliberate. I follow their trajectories, dissecting lines in a sticky medium.

And the recurrent pictures of devastation: from ruined buildings to shapeless mountains of junk, all crumpled and shabby. As if they’re all one and the same thing, but in fact each is unique in its own way. If you devote time and attention, you can find differences – differences in what brought them about, behind the formal likeness.

There are three conditions: chaos (in which everything caves in, the second you relax your grip), structure (which requires a steady hand, limitations, and controlled force) and coercive willpower (the voice from the radio behind the wall).
Your goal: to assume a formal position with respect to all three conditions, and thus, to be free of them.